June 21, 2012


I'm finally back...with a working laptop! I have a few more Turks + Caicos features before I move onto my most recent travels...

Magnolia is always one of my favorite eateries on Provo. In fact, it's where my husband and I had our rehearsal dinner before our wedding. Normally I go for their Organic Grilled Tofu with ginger, garlic and vegetables. But this year, they added another vegetarian entree that I had to try, Dominican Vegetable Paella. It was wonderful...great flavors with lots of spice and depth.
If you're up for dessert, their Vanilla Roasted Strawberries are heavenly (without the ice cream of course).
Make sure to go to dinner early, so you can see the sunset. The view from Magnolia is stunning, overlooking Turtle Cove.


Anonymous said...

what a gorgeous view! sounds like a delicious restaurant!

sarah-mai said...

Next visit I will definitely photo the Grilled Tofu. I can't believe I haven't featured it yet! View is spectacular. Although, there aren't any bad view on Provo :)