June 24, 2012

Parallel 23 - Follow Up

Parallel 23 is one of my favorite restaurants in Turks, mostly due to it's gorgeous location. Also, it's very convenient, as it's the main restaurant at The Regent Palms (the hotel we love and visit annually).
It's especially lovely at sunset when the breeze comes through.
For my favorite of their menu offerings, see my previous post here

This year, they also offered a cold Watermelon soup with mint (hold the feta). I love cold fruit soups on a hot day. And it's always a hot day in Provo.
I've featured The Palms many times before, but in case you haven't seen my previous posts, here are some pictures of the beach.
It is by far the most spectacular beach I've ever seen. White sand (not hot on your feet) with turquoise water, and very calm. If you walk just a short ways down the beach, you'll have it all to yourself.


Anonymous said...

oh my gosh those photos are gorgeous! and what a beautiful restaurant! wow!

sarah-mai said...

Thank you! It's my absolute favorite place, by far.