May 31, 2012

Amanyara 2012

I'm really excited about my next few posts. I've highlighted Turks + Caicos (Provo in particular) over the past two years, and this year is no exception. 

My husband and I were married there four years ago, and we visit every year for our anniversary.

One of our favorite spots for dinner is Amanyara. This is definitely a splurge. It's a secluded spot and very much off the beaten path. It's an unbelievably gorgeous hotel, with an incredible restaurant that's open to the public.

When you arrive, the view is stunning.
The entire property glows at night.
For dinner, they always offer multiple vegetarian options, some of which can be veganized.

Their avocado roll with sesame is, of course, vegan as is. And quite tasty. 
The Thai Green Curry (also vegan as is), made with coconut milk, was my entree of choice. It's filled with green beans, hearts of palm, potatoes, carrots and peppers and served with jasmine rice. Such great flavors paired with crisp fresh vegetables. If you don't like spicy, don't eat the red peppers on top!

The dishes are not marked gluten-free, but there are no obvious signs of wheat or gluten. Be sure to check with the chef, but I think you could definitely find some stellar gluten-free options here!
For dessert, they offer some stellar house made sorbets, with flavors changing all the time. At this point in the evening, it was too dark for photos. However, you can see last year's sorbet here. This year, we tried Red Raspberry + Lemongrass Lime. Amazing.

3 comments: said...

wow what stunning views! and gorgeous food! thanks for sharing your adventures in T &K!

sarah-mai said...

Thank you! It's truly a magical place. I didn't mention it at first, but I just updated my post that though they're not marked gluten-free, I think you could find some stellar gluten-free items here. Obviously, you'd need to confirm with the kitchen but I don't think any of my dishes contained wheat or gluten.

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