October 18, 2010

International Pickle Day

Yesterday I happened to be in New York for International Pickle Day (my husband's favorite holiday). So we stopped by for a bite and to listen to some French pickle poetry (much more charming than it sounds).  And it just so happened that Babycakes had a special cupcake for the event - a pickled vegan cupcake.  Hear me out before you judge...a vanilla cupcake with a pickled raspberry center and Gingerberry Kombucha flavored icing.  I realize this sounds strange, but it was delicious.  Not strange tasting in any way...so inventive and fun!  I have been madly in love with Babycakes for roughly 4 years and they never cease to amaze me. 


Brian said...

International Pickle Day is your husbands favorite holiday? Well, that is certainly saying something. Puts Christmas into perspective. All that aside, I would love to try that cupcake :)

sarah-mai said...

As a child, my husband used to receive baskets filled with pickles for Easter...he doesn't dig on sweets, just pickled vegetables :) Very strange.