October 22, 2010

Dirty Frank's

Last week I spent a few days in Columbus Ohio and got to try a few new spots with some awesome veg options.  

First up, Dirty Frank's Hot Dog Palace.  The name alone doesn't exactly call out to vegetarians, but names can be deceiving.  Dirty Frank's has as awesome guide on their menu to the vegetarian and vegan options they offer.  They have a Tofurkey veggie dog, a veggie Polish Sausage and a veggie Brat.  They have endless toppings with lots of great suggestions on how to combine them for the best experience.

Several hot dogs offer coleslaw on top, which I found very intriguing.  I ordered a vegan version of Lara's Pittsburgh Princess which includes coleslaw and malt vinegar soaked fries.  When it arrived, it was sans coleslaw (which makes it vegan).  I was hoping to find vegan coleslaw, but at $3 maybe I shouldn't be expecting them to stock Vegenaise....yet.  They do stock vegan chili and Coney sauce, which is a huge plus.  

Overall, it's a really cute spot with lots of personality and tons of vegetarian choices (at really cheap prices).  

Check back next week for more Columbus eats!

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