October 25, 2010

Northstar - a Columbus Favorite

Northstar is my go-to spot in Columbus.  They now have three different locations within the city, each with its own charm.  The Easton location is in a beautiful open space with lots of outdoor seating.  

Freshly made Gingerale with ginger, organic cane sugar, lime juice and mint - so lovely and refreshing in the afternoon.
The Crispy Thai Salad with Tofu is filled with fresh lettuce, cabbage, peppers, mango and crunchy tortilla strips topped with a peanut lime dressing.  (I was recently informed that their peanut sauce may contain honey, so I've sent them an inquiry and will post the follow up in the Comments below).
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Brian said...

the columbus posts are great!!! keep them coming. i'm plotting my drive through :)

Kelly said...

I went to Northstar today (thanks for the suggestion!) and was told that the peanut sauce does contain honey... alas.

sarah-mai said...

Thanks Kelly! Good to know. I may have to make an exception when I'm there...I try to never eat honey, but that peanut sauce is AMAZING. Oh, but the vegan guilt...

Anyhow, did you have anything good there? I hope you experienced some awesome eats!