September 10, 2010

PF Chang's

I'm generally not a fan of chain restaurants, but sometimes they're unavoidable.  If you happen to be in a sea of chain restaurants and have to pick one, hopefully there's a PF Changs nearby.  They have a great vegetarian section with at least six different entrees along with clearly marked veg appetizers and sides.

The Vegetarian Lettuce Wraps are a veg version of their Chicken Lettuce Wraps and consist of sauteed tofu, puff glass noodles and iceberg lettuce cups.  They're great to share and no one will miss the chicken.
The Vegetable Dumplings are perfectly crisp and great for dipping. 
The Coconut Curry Vegetables is by far my favorite dish.  The vegetables are accompanied by crispy silken tofu, peanuts and brown rice.  The sauce is a slightly sweet, mild curry with coconut milk, which makes it incredibly creamy and a beautiful mustard color.

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