September 7, 2010

French Meadow in the Milwaukee Airport

During my travels this weekend, I had a layover in Milwaukee.  In the C terminal, there's a deli called French Meadow that has a vegan Mediterranean Wrap and a vegan Black Bean Chili.  The wrap is filled with grilled and marinated tofu, olives, tomatoes, carrots, lettuce and sprouts.  I wasn't 100% sure if the dressing that comes with the salad was vegan, so I steered clear.  However, I'm sure you could request a side of Balsamic that would go well with the wrap and the salad.  Unfortunately, they were out of the chili when I arrived.  

I was so thrilled to see that more and more places are labeling their selections as vegan, especially in airports, which are notorious for unhealthy food.


Brian said...

terminal C??? great, i'm stuck going in and out of E, nothing but pizza in that one. i'll keep this in mind though! in Cincinnati, there is a burrito place near B22 that has vegan burritos, in case you ever get stuck there! happy travels!

sarah-mai said...

French Meadow also has a spot in the Minneapolis airport - FYI.

Thanks, I'll keep that in mind for Cincinnati...I'll be in Columbus mid October to highlight some of their awesome veg eats!!!!

Brian said...

i drive through there all the time. spend a lot of time in cincinnati and cleveland. cleveland is much more vegan friendly than cincinnati. its pretty dicey down here. lately i've been travelling to milwaukee a lot, and there are a lot of good places there. i made a google map for myself to keep track. you should make one of your travels, and post it on your blog. i'll look for your columbus post!

sarah-mai said...

I'm working on my new site now with a map feature. Thanks Brian!