August 13, 2010

Justin's Nut Butters

I was a lucky girl growing up.  My mother's side of the family lives in France and we've been visiting them every other year since I was born.  I took great pleasure in eating Nutella for breakfast while in France.  Every morning was greeted with bread, French butter and Nutella.  I was ecstatic when it finally made it to the states - I always have a jar on hand.  Unfortunately, since going vegan I haven't been able to partake in one of my favorite breakfasts.  

Last week I discovered Justin's Nut Butters.  They have lots of flavors, but I went for Chocolate Hazelnut to satisfy my craving.  It's rich, salty and full of nutty goodness.  I eat it almost every morning on sourdough toast with Earth Balance.  Now, don't expect an exact replica.  This version is not sweetened.  However, I don't like to start my day with sugar anyhow.  Crisis averted.

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