August 4, 2010

Charleston Whole Foods

If you think all Whole Foods are created equal, think again.  Whenever I travel, I try to stop by the nearest Whole Foods to check out the local offerings, as well as items only available in larger cities.  

During my recent visit to Charleston with my family, my mom bought all of the ingredients for pho, a traditional Vietnamese soup, at the local Whole Foods.  This is a favorite in our family, my husband calls it Massage in a Bowl.  While on vacation and eating out for almost every meal, it's great to have something comforting and homemade.
Always check out the bakery section, the larger Whole Foods offer lots of vegan options, including cupcakes!
This location even sells Sweet & Sara smores!  Unfortunately, this is the best picture I can show you.  Chocolate melts quickly in Charleston.

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Lauren said...

Yes! Whole Foods are the best travel destination!