March 5, 2013


There's a new restaurant where Ciao used to be (more on Ciao here) in Logan Square (Chicago), called Reno. They're open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Bagels are their focus during the day, and pizzas at night. 

I ordered an Everything bagel with whipped tofu cream cheese and strawberry jam.  My mom used to make a grilled cheese with strawberry jam on rye bread and this really reminded me of it! 

This is the first place I've found in Chicago that offers vegan cream cheese...yea Chicago! Now...these aren't New York style bagels. These are a bit thinner and crispier, which was actually a nice change.
I would love to go back for dinner to try their Beetza - a pizza with shaved beets, hazelnuts, thyme and whipped tofu cream cheese. Doesn't that sound great? I know my friend Susan has tried it, so hopefully she'll comment below :) They also offer marcona almond butter - marconas are one of my favorites. Reno is definitely on my list for my next trip to Chicago!

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