March 3, 2013

Fritz Pastry . Sunday Brunch

In January, my husband and I spent our last few weeks in Chicago. We tried to hit all of our favorite spots, and some that we'd been meaning to try, before returning to New York. So this week, and next I'll be featuring some seriously awesome Chicago bites.

Fritz Pastry offers a really great Sunday brunch. The menu is always changing but there are always vegan options. 

Last month, our friends Susan and Todd met us there for brunch. Here are some of the highlights...

Mint Chocolate Doughnut. Fritz's doughnuts are my favorite vegan doughnuts, hands down. You can see more on them here.
Their Breakfast Burrito can be veganized, with black beans, potatoes and spicy salsa.
And they also offer vegan Biscuits and Mushroom Gravy, a very substantial and earthy option.
I've heard their vegan pancakes are killer (with flavors like Chocolate Cherry and Carrot Cake), so check their facebook page on Saturday or early Sunday for the menu that weekend!

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