February 3, 2012

Virgin America

I recently flew Virgin America from Chicago to LA and got to experience two of their in flight snacks. They blow every other airline out of the water (or sky), in my opinion.

I was absolutely thrilled to see a non iceberg/ranch dressing salad on the menu. Their Asian Salad contains crisp romaine and mesclun lettuce topped with snap peas, daikon, carrots, and cashews, served with sesame vinaigrette. A stellar salad, in the sky or on the ground.
I also tried the Peanut Butter Banana Sandwich with chocolate chips and a side of vegan fruit snacks. The sandwich was incredible...I was concerned about the chocolate chips having some kind of dairy but the Virgin website confirmed they have none! (Gotta love Gogo!)
Tasty fruit snacks are absolutely delicious. I stumbled upon them a few years ago at a health food store in Miami and have yet to see them since. They're all vegan, sweetened with fruit and so much better than the processed kind most people are used to.
I will definitely fly Virgin any chance I get.


xvavaveganx said...

Wow that is some impressive airplane food! That sandwich sounds SO GOOD! Yum! Hope you are having/had a great trip!

sarah-mai said...

The sandwich was so good and so simple! It was a great trip, so many more places I wish I could have visited. I'm hoping to make another trip back in the coming months...