February 13, 2012

Buddha's Belly

While in LA, I spent most of my time in Santa Monica. I was with my husband and several family members...two vegans, one pesceterian and three omnis. It can sometimes be pretty difficult to eat out with such a mix. However, my family is so lovely that they happily accompany me to full-on vegan restaurants, so of course, I reciprocate. 

I was in luck when we went to Buddha's Belly. It's an Asian fusion restaurant with several vegetarian options. To start, they offer edamame, plain or sweet & sour, seaweed salad and an eggplant steak with black miso sauce and fresh ginger. For entrees, they have an 8 Vegetable Fried Rice that can be veganized and Wok-Tossed Vegetables and Tofu in a garlic sauce.

Also on the menu, an Asian Chopped Salad (pictured) with romaine and leaf lettuce, yamagobo, oven-dried shiitake mushrooms, corn, fried tofu and sesame dressing. The oven-dried shiitakes add a nice touch - they get really crispy and salty. I've seen them used as a substitute for bacon in several recipes. 
Everyone loved it here, it was a great choice.


Laure said...

I wish I could have been there !!

sarah-mai said...

Me too! When are you coming back to the states???

Hopefully we'll see you in France this summer!