December 7, 2011

Pine Box Rock Shop

Last Sunday I was lucky enough to be in New York to attend a Vegan Shop Up in Brooklyn. I'll have much more on the pop up later in the week, but Pine Box Rock Shop (the vegan bar that housed said pop up) deserves a post of its own.
Pine Box Rock Shop only serves vegan alcohol. Did you know that most alcohol contains fish bladders, ground up beetles and/or gelatin? Nasty, right? You can read more about this here.
They offer a vegan Bloody Mary and homemade Irish Cream, which you would be hard pressed to find vegan versions of anywhere else in the city!

And...did I mention they serve vegan empanadas? They day I was there they offered three different flavors: Black bean, plantain & Daiya cheese, Spicy Caribbean Jerk Seitan + Philly Cheese with onions and mushrooms. I ordered the latter, with a side of salsa, and it was beyond incredible. The crust is flaky and perfectly browned and the filling was spot on. All empanadas are supplied by V-Spot.
They also served a Mixed Olive + Pickle Plate, Beer Nuts, and vegan potato chips. What is not to love about this place?


Claire said...

I can't believe industrials would use animals in so many products we eat or drink without us knowing.
Thanks for letting us know!

sarah-mai said...

I know, it's awful. Not many people realize animal products are used in the filtration and finishing processes.