June 6, 2010

Summer picnics

There are always lots of picnics and cookouts during Summer, and vegetarians should always come prepared. For a recent Memorial Day cookout, I brought my own veggie hot dogs and vegan hot dog buns.  My husband brought all of the toppings to make Chicago style dogs - pickle spears, cucumbers, tomatoes, onions, peppers, mustard + celery salt.  With all the fresh vegetables, it's a great way to make a hot dog much healthier!  And if you've never grilled veggie hot dogs on the grill, you're missing out.  They're perfect when they're slightly charred on all sides.  It takes away the rubbery texture.

And for dessert, we walked to a local Omaha ice cream shop, eCreamery.  I had the Passion Fruit Sorbet, which was exceptionally creamy for being vegan.  Some of their other Sorbet flavors include Blood Orange, Pink Grapefruit and Pomegranate. 

On their site, you can customize Sorbet, Gelato and Ice Cream by adding flavors and mix-ins.  I think I might try Coconut Sorbet with Dark Chocolate Chips mixed in!

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