September 4, 2014

Ohio Brunch

On my last morning in Columbus, I had a killer brunch with my Ohio friends and family.  

We all contributed...Heather and Troy hosted, and made delicious spinach, berry and coconut smoothies. Jen and Jay brought blueberry banana muffins and summer fruit salad. And my mom and I brought a potato hash. 

For our hash, we pan roasted miniature Yukon gold potatoes until brown with some water and oil, then mashed them a bit, leaving nice big chunks. We then added shredded carrots, Earth Balance, salt and pepper, topped with green onions, tofu sour cream and served with a side of guacamole and smoky roasted tomatoes. It would also be amazing with some smoky tempeh, or veggie sausage. 

Here's my mom and I, thanks to Jen for the pic!

If you're interested, here is the smoothie recipe. And here is the muffin recipe

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