February 16, 2014

Red Farm . UWS

I finally tried Red Farm a few weeks ago, and I cannot get enough of it. 

They have two locations in the city, luckily one is not far from my neighborhood. 

The Crunchy Vegetable + Peanut Dumplings are probably the best dumplings I've had. I crave them almost daily.

They are delicious, and since crunchy is my favorite texture, they're right up my alley. 

The Vegetable Fried Rice can be veganized without the egg - and ask for hot sauce on the side. Their hot sauce is incredible. 

They also have some awesome specials, and there's almost always a vegetarian/vegan option. Recently, I had brussel sprouts, string beans, peppers and onions in a black bean sauce. It rocked. 

They really do have some great dishes, and everything is so flavorful and complex. 

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