December 21, 2013

Suite ThreeOhSix

Friday after Thanksgiving, my family and I attended a beautiful dinner at Suite ThreeOhSix in Tribeca. It's a vegan supper club that hosts gorgeous multiple course dinners in a community style setting. 

This particular dinner was family style and had a Thanksgiving theme. Each dinner is different, and they often have guest hosts/chefs/collaborators and cooking classes.

We started with homemade Turkish pide, a focaccia like bread. And from there, we had seven additional courses.

Red Lentil Bisque with arancini, coconut aioli and cubanelle pepper. I must say, I think this was my favorite dish of the night. It was so complex and so lovely. The arancini was such a nice texture in the soup, along with the coconut and micro greens.

Baby Red Oak with hannah white sweet potato, rainbow beets and cilantro vinaigrette. A really nice salad after the depth of the soup.

Mushroom Melange with wild rice pilaf, bordelaise sauce and fresh thyme. I'm not the biggest mushroom fan, the textures freak me out a bit, but it had a really nice flavor.

Haricots Verts with pickled onion, walnut cream and toasted chia. The sauce was so tasty and the green beans extremely crisp.

Corn Pudding with smoked tea, leeks and cranberry chutney. I loved the presentation in this sweet little dish, and the cranberries were an awesome condiment.

Passionfruit Pumpkin Sorbet. As delicious as it looks.

 Chef Daphne at work.

Kabocha Squash and Pear Galette with cardamom ricotta and pecans. I had never had kabocha squash as dessert, and now I'm not sure why. It was amazing.

 And to finish, these adorable meringues.

It was such a great experience and I highly recommend it.

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