January 8, 2013

Blueprint Cleanse

My experience with the Blueprint Cleanse was pretty awesome. There are three levels of cleansing and I went for the highest - Excavation. I was lucky that my husband chose to do the three day cleanse with me...it's best to have a partner, in case you need talked off a ledge. 

There are four green juices, one spicy lemonade and one cashew milk for the Excavation level. (Everything is raw and unpasteurized). I love green juice, but by the third day, you are definitely craving a little variety. The lemonade and cashew milk are a lovely change and really help break up the monotony.

Insomnia was a side effect for me, because I had so much more energy. And I had a mild headache the first night into the second day. However, that was it. I definitely lost some weight, kicked my addiction to sugar and caffeine, and realized I don't really need to eat the large portions I'm used to eating. Overall, a really great three days.

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Claire said...

it takes a lot of courage!