January 10, 2013

Angelica Kitchen . Follow Up

A couple of months ago, I took my husband and my parents back to Angelica Kitchen in New York. My previous visit was my first and I was super eager for a follow up trip. 

The Soba Sensation is a great starter to share...sesame sauce ladled over soba noodles, topped with pickled red cabbage and scallions.
For entrees, three of us went for a special at the time - a potato and red pepper casserole with a side salad. It was so delicious - layers of potatoes and peppers all baked together and topped with fresh herbs. (There was a lot more depth to this dish than I'm describing, but since it's not on their regular menu, I can't remember all of the amazing ingredients)!
My husband went for their Three Bean Chili - Piquant chili made with homemade seitan, kidney beans, pinto beans and lentils with sun-dried tomatoes and chiles, topped with lime-jalapeƱo tofu sour cream. It also comes with southern style cornbread and butternut squash-red onion salsa.
For dessert, we shared the Peach Cobbler - so so good.
What I love about Angelica is that everything is good. Flavorful, complex and always good for you.

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