December 17, 2012

Vegan Gift Guide 2012 . Everything Else

These gifts may fall under 'everything else', but are some of my favorites. 

Artisan Vegan Cheese cookbook - for most vegans, cheese is what we miss most (including me!) and making vegan cheese has to be one of the greatest joys in a vegan's life.
Speaking of cooking, this cookbook looks so amazing...and perfect for the holidays. My mom's birthday was just last week and a lovely friend made her a pie from Vegan Pie in the Sky and topped all of our gifts.
Tom's makes a handful of vegan shoes, and they are uber-comfy.

Josie Maran cosmetics has a list of all of their products that are vegan and luckily their bronzing argan oil is! Seriously moisturizing with a hint of color.
Urban Decay has some killer vegan products - like these Lip Junkie lip glosses.
I love this print from Herbivore - What I Eat.
And finally, Colorado Whiskey + Stout Bars by Desiderio Chocolates. Chocolate ganache and caramel...mmmmmmm.


jennifer (joyful vegan) said...

urban decay has been bought by l'oreal, so some vegans may no longer consider their products cruelty-free. just fyi.

thanks for the post! i want that herbivore print for my kitchen.

sarah-mai said...

Jennifer - I heard this last week. I'm not aware of when this goes into effect, so was hoping their products are still vegan friendly for now!