September 16, 2011


Raw sells their prepared food in The French Market and Whole Foods in Chicago. Among their offerings are Superfood Seed 'Cheese', 'Egg' Salad, , 'Salmon Pate', Spaghetti with 'Meatballs' + Falafel on Onion Flatbread, all raw and vegan.

I was slightly skeptical about their Pizza, but it was so flavorful and filling. The side of Basil spread that comes along with it is out of this world. I'm still amazed by how raw ingredients can come together and taste even better than their cooked versions.
For dessert, they offer Apple Pie, Tiramisu, Brownies + Macaroons, just to name a few. We opted for the Mousse au Chocolat and the Lemon Square, both rich and bursting with flavor.
The Lemon Square was my favorite...creamy, bright and tart.
They have so many raw options to choose from, you'll never have to eat just a salad here.


Isobelle said...

That lemon square looks so incredible! I love lemon flavoured sweet treats.

sarah-mai said...

Me too! And normally I'm not completely sold on raw desserts, but you simply could not tell this dessert was raw. It was delicious!