July 22, 2011

Parrot Cay . Part II

After breakfast, we spent our morning at the beach.

The island is very different from Provo. Parrot Cay beach almost reminds me of the Hamptons with the tall grasses and sand dunes. Also, you don't find any shells on Provo. Here they're everywhere and they're beautiful shades of white and pale pink.
For lunch, we headed up to the pool.
To my sheer delight, they have a spa menu with tons of raw vegan options. I had the 'Taco Salad' with Avocado & Corn Guacamole & Tomato Lime Salsa and Cashew Cream sauce. This dish was so flavorful and so refreshing.
They also offer a Raw Soup of the day, Nut, Seed & Vegetable Sushi Rolls, Spicy Young Coconut Noodle, Cashew + Vegetable Pad Thai Salad and Zucchini Tomato & Pine Nut 'Ricotta' Lasagna. For dessert, Raw Coconut Macaroons, Mock Choc Mousse with coconut, cocoa & passion fruit with banana and Raw Vanilla Ice Cream with Pineapple Sorbet + Lemongrass. They also make fresh juices and smoothies including a Liver Cleanse made with oranges, tumeric, garlic, cayenne pepper and flax seeds and a Mock Choc Banana Smoothie with bananas, nut milk and carob powder.

This amazing food in this amazing location...can you stand it?!?!

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