July 20, 2011

Parrot Cay . Part I

I've been wanting to visit Parrot Cay for some time now. This trip, we finally made it there. If you're not a guest of the resort, you can spend a half or full day there, enjoying their gourmet restaurants, private beach and spa.

We arrived at their gorgeous dock on Provo around 7.30AM. The boat ride takes about half an hour. We passed Pine Cay, Dellis Cay and finally arrived at Parrot Cay.

 For breakfast, they offer various breads, jams and peanut butter...

A huge buffet of fresh fruit...
And brightly colored juices.
After breakfast, we walked down to the beach.

The beach is beautiful. It's extremely secluded and a great spot for collecting simple white shells.
More on their vegan lunch offerings later in the week!

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