December 1, 2010

Soy Parmesan Review

This is my last post for Vegan Mofo.  It has been so much fun...and I've loved connecting with my fellow Mofoers!  So much good vegan info out there...

I was recently sent some cheese alternatives and asked to review them.  I was slightly concerned at first, since I don't think all that highly of soy cheese. (If I don't like something, you won't hear about it.  I like to keep Eat Pure 100% positive).  However, I was very happy to see the Soy Parmesan (pictured below) by Galaxy Nutritional Foods arrive at my door.  I am very familiar with this product and have used it for quite some time.  I really like it on pasta and pretty much all things Italian.  It can be used as a substitute in any recipes that call for Parmesan cheese.  I particularly like it on top of salads and bruschetta.

It has a slight Parmesan flavor, but mostly it adds texture, like traditional grated Parmesan.  I love the simple dish of penne, marinara sauce and soy Parmesan with garlic bread.  It's so comforting and perfect for winter. 


The Roses said...

you need to check out Phat Wraps on OSU campus next time you are in C-bus. it was started by the same family that runs Lac Viet at the North Market. i hear they are into local, green and have a vegan wrap!

sarah-mai said...

Awesome...I'm continually impressed by Columbus' vegan choices.