December 10, 2010

Community Food + Juice

I love going for a light brunch at Community Food and Juice on the Upper West Side whenever I'm in New York.  I used to live closeby, so it was our go to spot on the weekends.  I love the atmosphere - light and airy, yet extremely cozy.

Their Hot Apple Cider is so comforting on chilly mornings.
I wasn't terribly hungry that morning, so I stuck to the fruit plate.  They also have dressed greens and several kinds of toast and jam.  I have inquired about the veg status of their Carrot Hashbrowns, which I used to adore, but have not heard back.  
For lunch, they have a Vegetarian Soup of the Day and Rice Bowl with Tofu, along with a Spring Market Salad, Farmer's Chop Salad and Warm Lentil Salad that can easily be made vegan.  

The restaurant is extremely vegetarian friendly...I hope that in the future they become even more vegan friendly!

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