May 24, 2010

Miami Beach - non Standard version

I did leave the Standard occasionally while in were some of my favorite spots to grab a bite.

The Raleigh Hotel - we spent an afternoon at the beach + by the pool of this lovely hotel.

I love guacamole, and the Raleigh's version was just right, lots of salt + lots of lime.

When my husband wanted to grab a quick lunch before heading to work, he suggested Five Guys.  I thought for sure I would be having fries for my lunch, but they have do have a vegetarian option.  It's essentially their burger without the burger (with cheese or without).  With grilled onions, cheese, ketchup and mustard it was really decent.  On a similar note, you can also get this option at In N Out burger, should you ever find yourself there.

My favorite lunch option while in Miami Beach was Lime Fresh.  It's fast food Mexican that's very fresh and vegetarian friendly.  I always chose the crispy tacos with grilled vegetables and guacamole.  The South Miami Beach location has a courtyard to eat outside so it's a great spot to relax and enjoy the amazing weather.

We stopped by Planet Sushi one night for dinner and I was amazed at all of their vegetarian options.  I had the Planet Veggie, which consisted of a California Vegetarian roll, a Spring Vegetarian roll, vegetable tempura + miso soup.  It was delicious and very fresh.  They have flat screen TVs with live feed of the chefs preparing your's difficult to look away.

And for dessert...nutella + strawberry sushi!  It was a bit strange because of the rice, but nutella makes everything good.

And finally, Sushi Samba.  There are several locations in NYC and I love their grilled vegetable kebabs.  They come with a side of Peruvian giant corn, which I cannot seem to get enough of.  They have updated their menu recently and added this miso glazed eggplant...I just can't explain how good the flavor was.  The eggplant was very tender, not chewy, and covered in a miso reduction sauce and black sesame seeds.  It's such a great appetizer or accompaniment to your sushi.

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