April 7, 2010

Kansas City

Last weekend, we took a short trip to Kansas City. It was our first time there so we weren't quite sure what to do or see...we will definitely need to make a few trips back to discover everything. We did make it to a cute little tapas restaurant called Extra Virgin. There were several vegetarian and vegan options on the menu. I tried the Lebanese hummus, the Manchego cheese (I do eat cheese occasionally), the Potatas Bravas + the Chickpea fries, shown below. The fries are made from chickpea flour and they were excellent. The dipping sauce was tomato based with lots of spices.

For Easter brunch, we ate a local place called Room 39. It's really cute and cozy and they customized their prix fixe menu to be completely vegan for me.

First, it was a field green salad with strawberries and a very light olive oil dressing

Then a tofu scramble with potatoes and swiss chard on the side

And to top it off, fresh berries, simple and perfect for brunch

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