June 8, 2014

Bryant Park Grill

Last week, on a particularly nice day, Heath and I walked to Bryant Park for a rooftop snack.

Bryant Park is super chill and a nice break from the city. There was a yoga class going on at the time. It felt a bit lazy watching others burn off calories while I consumed them, but it was still lovely. 

The Bryant Park Grill has several dishes labeled vegan, but it looked like there were a good deal more that could be veganized. 

We shared the Vegan Israeli Platter -  hummus, pinto beans, olives, chopped tomato & onion salad, tabbouleh, grilled hot chilies, fire roasted eggplant, cabbage slaw, organic carrot and date salad, sliced raw onions and grilled pita bread. I loved the mixture of hummus and smashed pinto beans, with all of the various toppings. 

(Everything is in plastic because we ate on the rooftop. Their indoor presentation is a bit more elevated). 

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