October 17, 2013

Pommes Frites

I have a deep love for french fries. The potato will always be my favorite vegetable, and frying it obviously just makes it that much better.

A few years ago, Heath and I walked by a little french fry shop on 2nd Avenue with a line out the door. It was bad timing since we had just eaten, but I always remembered it, hoping to return hungry. 

And a few weeks ago, we just happened to walk by when I was in desperate need of a snack. (It took several years to return because we moved away for about four years - 2 years in Omaha and 2 in Chicago).

Pommes Frites offers Belgian fries with all kinds of toppings.

They have a variety of ketchups and mustards, along with barbecue, sweet chili, and peanut satay. I opted for the latter. 
Very good, but quite rich, I think next time I'll go for the barbecue or sweet chili.
Regardless, the fries themselves are quite awesome.

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