January 2, 2012

Hummus Place

There are four Hummus Place locations in Manhattan. They're casual eateries focused on the amazing chick pea. On my last visit to the city, I stopped in their West Village location for a quick bite.

Their menu appears to be totally vegetarian, and just about everything can be veganized. I started with the Falafel with tahini and green sauce.
And followed with the Hummus Masabacha, warm hummus with whole chick peas, olive oil and spices, served with warm pita. Everything was so flavorful and perfect on a cold afternoon.


Laure said...

Oh wow, it looks delicious

Rockrose said...

Our favorite way to enjoy hummus is a freshly friend flatbread (and maybe a light crumble of bacon??). The Hummus Place is going on our list of West Village sneak-aways!

sarah-mai said...

I have yet to meet a hummus I didn't like :) At home, I buy Garlic Naan from Whole Foods and saute it with olive oil, sea salt and green onions. Perfect with hummus!