November 26, 2013

Adopt A Turkey

My favorite Thanksgiving tradition. I adopted Turpentine this year. He was rescued last year when a farmer couldn't bring himself to kill him. I just loved the story. 

Here's the link if you'd like to partake.

November 24, 2013

Smile To Go

Smile To Go is an adorable eatery a block from where I work, and they offer some amazing vegan sweets, to meet all of your cravings. 

 If you're wanting something sweet, but still healthy, they have an awesome Banana Quinoa Muffin.

If it's after lunch dessert you're after, the Peanut Butter & Jelly Cookie is where it's at.

And if you're looking to go all out any time of day, the Orange Cinnamon Roll will make all of your dreams come true.

They also have all kinds of savory dishes, that vary daily, many of them vegetable based. They're super friendly and helpful, so just ask what vegan offerings they have that day.

Goody Good Stuff Strawberry Cream

Speaking of traveling, I know I've shown these before, but Goody Good Stuff makes my favorite gummy travel snacks. 

Their Strawberry Cream gummies are my gummies of choice.

November 11, 2013


During our trip to the UK, we spent several days in Hemel Hempstead, about 40 minutes northwest of London. To my absolute delight, they have a vegetarian restaurant. 

Woody's is a cute spot along the water that specializes in crepes and pizzas. 

For my pizza, I went with the Marinara. Tomato, onion, garlic and fresh lettuce. I love cold lettuce on my pizza.

 And for dessert, Heath and I shared a Maple Syrup and Hazelnut Crepe. I loved the maple syrup, but next time, I'll definitely try the Dark Chocolate and Pear!

Both their pizzas and crepes can be made gluten free as well!


One night for dinner, Heath and I were craving sushi. I found a spot nearby called Roka. It's on a super cute street and has outdoor seating, if the weather cooperates. 

The Avocado and Cucumber Roll was really nice - I loved the thinly sliced avocado on the top, sprinkled with bits of crispy onion. I always run into a few little pieces of roe that I meticulously pick off because I can't stand the thought of accidentally (or purposefully) eating fish eggs.

And I love Robata! I opted for the Tofu in a sweet soy sauce with micro greens and green onions. (They also have asparagus and eggplant).

If you ever visit, explore the neighborhood. So many gems.

November 10, 2013

Virgin Atlantic

Last summer, when I traveled to London, I was very fortunate to travel Premium Economy on Virgin Atlantic

For breakfast, they served hash browns, sautéed spinach, tofu and a cherry tomato. It did require some salt and pepper, but I really liked the combination. 

For a snack, a tea sandwich made with hummus and veggies with a side of sweetened dried cranberries. (I apologize for the image quality, the lighting was not exactly ideal).

And for dinner, it was Chana Masala with rice and vegetables, a green salad and fruit. 

As far as airplane food goes, it was the best I've had.