June 29, 2012

EP featured on Allison's Gourmet Blog

Eat Pure was featured on Allison's Gourmet blog this week in her Fridays with Friends series...

You can read about some of my favorite vegan eats + get my mom's amazing recipe for Tempeh Chickenless Salad...here!
If you're not familiar with Allison's Gourmet, they make some stellar vegan sweets, including caramels, cookies, fudge + truffles.

Caffeine Dreams

I was recently back in Omaha for work, and had a free afternoon.

I met some of my very good friends, Denise and Drea, at Caffeine Dreams for a quick bite.
They have four different kinds of vegan kaloches from Culprit Bakery. You can choose from Buffalo Seitan and Vegan Feta, Seitan and Arrabiata Sauce, Sloppy Seitan (peppers, onion, bbq, ketchup and celery) or Vegan Cheddar and Polenta (Cucumbers and Carrots). I went with the Cheddar and Polenta with a side of extra cheese. (I'm not always sold on vegan cheese, but this was spot on). I'm already planning my next trip back to try the other flavors. I loved the polenta.
And an Apple Muffin for the road...which turned out to be another stellar choice.

June 27, 2012

Wrigley Field

Last month, I went to a Chicago Cubs game with my husband, and our good friends Susan and Todd (vegan and vegetarian, respectively). Susan and I were uber-excited to try their Sloppy Jane, a vegan version of the more traditional Sloppy Joe. It's made with tempeh, peppers and onions and topped with a molasses and brown sugar barbecue sauce. 

It was such a nice change to actually have something decent to eat at a sporting event. Normally my options are limited to fries or a pretzel with mustard. Even my omni husband loved this! (Did I mention my husband has decided to go vegan for a month?! It's a trial period...I hope it lasts!)
I'm hoping to get to a White Sox game soon...hopefully Comiskey Park can compete with Wrigley Field's vegan friendliness.

June 24, 2012

Parallel 23 - Follow Up

Parallel 23 is one of my favorite restaurants in Turks, mostly due to it's gorgeous location. Also, it's very convenient, as it's the main restaurant at The Regent Palms (the hotel we love and visit annually).
It's especially lovely at sunset when the breeze comes through.
For my favorite of their menu offerings, see my previous post here

This year, they also offered a cold Watermelon soup with mint (hold the feta). I love cold fruit soups on a hot day. And it's always a hot day in Provo.
I've featured The Palms many times before, but in case you haven't seen my previous posts, here are some pictures of the beach.
It is by far the most spectacular beach I've ever seen. White sand (not hot on your feet) with turquoise water, and very calm. If you walk just a short ways down the beach, you'll have it all to yourself.

June 21, 2012


I'm finally back...with a working laptop! I have a few more Turks + Caicos features before I move onto my most recent travels...

Magnolia is always one of my favorite eateries on Provo. In fact, it's where my husband and I had our rehearsal dinner before our wedding. Normally I go for their Organic Grilled Tofu with ginger, garlic and vegetables. But this year, they added another vegetarian entree that I had to try, Dominican Vegetable Paella. It was wonderful...great flavors with lots of spice and depth.
If you're up for dessert, their Vanilla Roasted Strawberries are heavenly (without the ice cream of course).
Make sure to go to dinner early, so you can see the sunset. The view from Magnolia is stunning, overlooking Turtle Cove.

June 11, 2012

On vaca...

I'm currently sailing to the Bahamas and will have lots to share next week! Sorry for the absence last week...I spilled iced tea on my laptop (yikes!) and had to send it out for repair. It's up and running again, just in time for vaca :)